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MBC Unbranded Patient Support Platform

Facing MBC Together



1 in 3

people with metastatic breast cancer report feeling moderate to serious feelings of isolation.


report moderate to severe impairment in social functioning.

up to 44%

report clinically significant symptoms of anxiety.

Immuno-marketing solution


To increase awareness of the emotional burden and the isolation that people with MBC may face, Proximyl Health created

facing MBC logo
facing MBC Ad
MBC- Angie



Over 1000 new followers connected with Athenex Oncology in the first two weeks after launch.

MBC- digital assets

3:43 min
Visitors spend an average of 3:43 minutes reading and watching the personal stories on the Facing MBC Together website.

3:29 min
Visitors also spend an average of 3:29 minutes reading the metastatic breast cancer content on the website.

Users have visited pages on the website 24,000 times since launch.

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