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Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a dose-limiting, neurotoxic side effect and a critical problem for people during their cancer treatment.

1/3of people with cancer can expect to have chronic CIPN for months to years after chemotherapy.

Many healthcare professionals don’t recognize the pain that CIPN causes, and don’t understand how to address their suffering.

Immuno-marketing solution


Proximyl Health created a campaign that illustrates what it feels like to suffer from CIPN, based on interviews with actual patients.


In order to create empathy with people living with CIPN, the images in the campaign focused on everyday objects that now felt too sharp, pointed, or hot to use.

Proximyl Health also designed the world’s first “CIPN Empathy Glove,” and let visitors at industry events try it on for a first-hand experience with the type of stinging and tingling sensations that people with CIPN experience every day.





In a 3-day conference, 150 visitors tried on the glove and experienced CIPN for themselves each day, for a total of 381 visits.


Our client Athenex Oncology gained over 550 new followers on social media.

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